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Rich wine born from abandoned farmland

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Brand Story

Connecting people through agriculture.

Greve.t Co., Ltd., the operating company of STARRACE KOMORO, started winemaking with the aim of creating a new landscape in Komoro City by turning abandoned farmland into vineyards.

Winery & Shop

Komorokko Farm & Winery

As the term "terroir" suggests, the taste of wine is related to the soil, topography, and climate of the region where the grapes are grown. The interior design of Komorokko Farm & Winery's architecture is based on the theme of "earth," creating a space where visitors can feel the strength of the fields and the delicate aroma, color, and taste of the wine produced.

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winery shop


We carry valuable Komorokko Farm & Winery wines, original goods, wine goods, miscellaneous goods, and uniquely selected Nagano souvenirs.
Business hours 10:00-18:00 *Closed on Mondays

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Can only be made in this land
the wine

In the land of Komoro, we have cultivated abandoned farmlands scattered throughout the city at altitudes of 650-950m, and are cultivating about 18,000 grapes, mainly European varieties.We aim to create a taste that can only be expressed in Komoro City, respecting nature with the minimum amount of pesticides necessary.

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